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These are some of the pictures and photos I value the most:


Bluebell time at Temple Wood in the Kilmartin valley - this is a very evocative place, with stone circle and cairns and standing stones

dating back thousands of years - and the crowning place of the kings of Dalriada at Dunadd


Some places seem to have a frequency - what's sometimes called a 'thinness' between worlds - and there are locations around Kilmartin that are like that


The village of Kilmartin where my aunt lives


The Kilmartin Hotel, where I worked when I was a student - it was a fantastic community and taught me so much


The Kilmartin valley lies at the heart of Mid-Argyll


The view down the valley towards Crinan


Another place I love, which also has evocative atmosphere and a kind of 'thinness': Iona


Iona Abbey, home to the Iona Community, which is committed to social justice


This is me on a walk to the north side of Iona with some of the people on my peace and reconciliation course


A lovely picture of Iona Abbey in the winter (not when I was there)


Anya - a true heroine - champion of truth


Our little planet, seen through the rings of Saturn, taken from the Cassini probe


Some of my students on a Hampton Court trip (they are grown up now)


My home church - I took this picture at dawn after a night of heavy snow


I love this picture - our universe fills me with wonder -

All my life I have looked to the heavens with yearning



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