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These are some of the pictures and photos I value the most:


Continuing the 'femme vibe' which resonates for me


Leisure and a book, this picture feels so relaxed


I took this photo in the living room: wild roses are iconic for me - I've always loved them and felt they were like signs of grace


I found this on a card, and again, I just find them such lovely signs of grace


There is something so soft and beautiful


Blossom, breeze and a bright blue sky


Gardens have always been special places for me -

I liken the innermost place of the soul as a cloistered, enclosed or secret garden

where I can meet with God


I love the scent of flowers, and their beauty


Sweet peas - some of my favourite flowers


Daisies feel like purity


I've always loved primula too


And the cool freshness of snowdrops and daffodils


What an amazing planet we live on


And the woodlands


Creation speaks to me of the Shining Glory



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