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These are some of the pictures and photos I value the most:


Great view of Agdlerussakasit (centre skyline) with 'The Big Valley' and our basecamp located where the sun cuts across the river


Another view up 'The Big Valley', with the river flowing down into Stordalens Havn


We supplemented our dried food diet with Arctic Char and Bilberries


The Greenland team - ten of us (I'm taking the picture)


Dougie, Ray and JC in reflective mood on one of the last days of the expedition


Aurora - not taken on our trip, but one of the really wondrous natural phenomena - on the last night, by campfire, the lights started up

shimmering, flaring and winding across the early autumn sky - leaving a sense of silence, wonder and awe


The wilderness calls...




In the stillness and the quietness, the contemplative gaze, the waiting and silence


Convent garden


A place of contemplation


Mother and child


Come let us worship


I love this picture


Sometimes it feels that Godde knows and holds us like a mother, and at that moment there is safety and love -

that love is eternal, in the now, and in the always, invoking our being and our becoming - and calling us to her enfold


Tender enfold - I love this picture



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