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These are some of the pictures and photos I value the most:


My cousin Andrew - in his element - on the water - always remembered


My brother Stuart when I went camping with him in the Lake District - he claims it rained the whole holiday, but look at the sky!


More heatwave weather - Stuart aged about 10, on the way to Scafell


Stuart on the little railway in Eskdale - the rain had come on a bit


My aunty Babs -

genetically, emotionally, physically

I felt close to her


Bennachie and Manar - Gordon family homeland


Manar - my mother's family were Gordons descended from the Stuart kings and Vikings mentioned in the Icelandic sagas




Manar was sold to the Sutherlands in the 1940's - we have a family burial ground on the site of an ancient chapel by the side of the River Don


My family are mentioned in the Icelandic sagas, and when I was on a mountaineering expedition in Greenland, we came across many Viking ruins.


Basecamp, on our climbing expedition - we made over 40 first ascents in a 12-week adventure - and enjoyed really good weather


Desperation Camp, looking across to Agdlerussakasit (first ascent)


View down Torssukatak Fjord, with Agdlerussakasit on the extreme right skyline, and the some of the biggest sea-cliffs in the world in the centreground including 'The Thumbnail'


Torssukatak sea cliffs - I took this photo on my ascent of 'High Rising' (named after the house shown below):


'High Rising'



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