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These are some of the pictures and photos I value the most:


I really like this picture - I hold communist values which have deepened as I have got older - the resources of the world belong to all the people of the world, and not just the privileged few


Tony Benn at the Occupy London camp outside St Pauls


Occupy London in 2011 - as a student nurse I helped in the First Aid tent


The first aid tent at Occupy London


Kettling about to begin - ordinary people were about to take the hit of a decade of austerity because of the 'casino' banking and neoliberal greed of a

privileged elite - all around the world, the labour and lives of millions of people, and the resources of our planet, are stolen so 'the few' can enjoy obscene and disproportionate wealth


There can be no lasting peace without justice - and resistance springs from grass roots, from local co-operative initiatives, community, sharing, and protest actions


MLK got it, and it was not just about race, it was about justice and fairness and opportunity for all


Einstein is another of my heroes


I need to reflect on these words of Einstein again and again, because too often I lose sight of them


I love this picture for the wheeling birds and the mood it conveys


Perhaps this picture speaks for itself


Highland winter


I love when autumn turns in towards winter, and the days shorten, and the snows fall - Kingshouse at the head of Glencoe


Winter in the West Highlands - dark days, sullen beauty, ravens wheeling in the wind


Approaching dusk in the winter highlands



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