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These are some of the pictures and photos I value the most:


Bex works in Uganda with children, teenagers, and women


She has been so generously welcomed by the local community in which she lives


Bex has taught me things about community - she inspires me


Some people theologise, some people simply love


Bex and another young friend




There are times for laughter and times for tears - life is not always easy and poverty can be harrowing


Bex coming round the hill on a family holiday in the Cairngorms


In the mountains near Braemar


Hannah in the Highlands - one day she may overtake my munro total!


Hannah is sort of my liberal conscience -

she 'gets' me probably more than anyone -

which is lovely but means she sees through my veneer


She is quite simply, lovely - my firstborn, my intelligent, perceptive, critical daughter!


Hannah loves photography - like her brother, she is more visual than me


Like I say, she is my social, liberal conscience -

she challenges my prejudices and inspires me with her values


The huge Stop the War march in London in February 2003 - an amazing mobilising that was ignored by Tony Blair -

with two friends we organised a Stop the War group in our town, and held a well-supported demonstration there -

years later, I was present at the Chilcot enquiry when Tony Blair was cross-questioned about the invasion he instigated




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