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These are some of the pictures and photos I value the most:


Love this picture by Arthur Hughes


This Waterhouse picture is simply gorgeous


Another really beautiful Waterhouse painting


And one more lovely work by Waterhouse


Precious memory of school party descending to Wasdale through the bracken after ascending Scafell Pike


Love the way the light coruscates across the surface of the water -

and memories of late afternoon in Glen Etive as my school pupils pitched their tents

and swans rested on the waters and there was a beauty and peace


That's me striding towards Balfour Bay on Erraid


The Matterhorn - memories of the moment it cameinto sight at a bend in the valley by Zermatt


And the 'Matterhorn C' in Greenland - viewed from across the valley - we made the first ascent on the St Andrews University expedition


The 'Matterhorn C' from Shangri-La camp (aka Lost Loch camp) - it was a long day's climbing but brilliant weather


On the first ascent of 'Matterhorn C'


The sharp little summit of 'Matterhorn C' - a gorgeous mountain, spectacular views in all directions, sheer drops from the summit for thousands of feet... and friendship, camaraderie, happiness


'Lilacs' by Vrubel - total beauty


The raven - my totem - associated in Celtic mythology with the Morrigan - I totally love these birds


Gorgeous raven tattoo - bird of wisdom, waiting, feminine power, and carnage in battle



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